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Brought up in Jackson, Kentucky, original recipe singer-songwriter and genre-bending guitar blazer, Jeremy Short, has quickly risen to the top shelf of must-hear players on the scene. 

Gifted his first guitar by his late mother- an Epiphone Les Paul that Musician’s Friend sent by mistake though he’d ordered the SG model, years later he was given a Gibson SG by his grandfather, a black 90’s model that he still has today. “He handed it to me and told me - let’s not make this a full time thing", he recalls with a laugh. 

First making a name for himself as the solo-ripping sideman of the red-hot Americana act, “Sasha Colette & The Magnolias”, then the front man and lead guitarist of the horn-fueled R&B band “Downtown King”, Short has now found his home and what he calls “his own thing” in Short & Company. 

Leaving his soul on the floor, and yours in shreds, “Ain’t That Workin”, “Bartender” and “Set in Her Ways” show why Short is a 2 Time Semi-finalist, and 2019 competitor at the International Blues Challenge, a competition featuring the best blues acts from around the globe. 

But blues aren’t his only groove. 

One spin of Lost in A Spin, released March 2018, and Short will have you eating from the palm of his hand.   

With dance club ready R&B hits like “Shake It Off”, “You & Me”, and lead single “If The Spirit Moves You”, Short encourages you to forget the stresses of the 9-5 chaos, and get lost in his music. “Sometimes, you just gotta dance to get it out. So if you feel like dancing, dance. If you feel like singing along, do it. Do what feels right.”  

Riding that high back down with a soft love ballad about his love for a “heart of gold that loves to sin” in “Barefoot Beauty”, and getting candid about life in coal country,  with “This Mountain”, written with former Sasha & The Mags members, Sasha Colette and Steve Barker, “Fast Eddie”, the story of a good guy who can’t control his habit long enough to get his life together, and the closer and only acoustic track, “Mountains of the Like”, Short manages to deliver an entire album of raw, untailored glimpses into life in small town Appalachia.   

Touching on the throes of addiction, his shameless love of a strong willed woman, and his need to escape and hit the road, Short shows he's unafraid to share both where he's coming from and what exactly he is hoping to accomplish.   

Catch Short, and his lock-step Company on the road in support of Lost in A Spin, this Fall.


Photo by: Sarah Cahill

Photo by: Sarah Cahill

 “If you want to get to Memphis, you pump a tank full of gas and start barreling southwest. If you're Jeremy Short, you just plug in your guitar and step up to the microphone.” 
-Dave Lavender, Herald Dispatch

“Jeremy's understanding of the blues idiom is deep, and his passionate artistry draws audiences in.” 
John Gage - Kentucky Homefront

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